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The perfect autumnal wardrobe

It is safe to say that all of us do some spring cleaning, but what about the autumn one? More often than not at the beginning of the season we see the lack of options in our wardrobe – this jumper was worn too many times, this one has a stain on it and that one, out of a sudden has a 5-centimeters-long hole in it. Then comes the shopping spree. What do we really need as wardrobe essentials in the autumn season?

Boots are necessary

Autumn can be very tricky – once you enjoy a nice weather and the warmth of the long-awaited sunlight on your face and a minute later you are running like crazy, looking for a roof because it is raining cats and dogs. This is why owning a pair of shoes perfect for every and any weather; hence, ones which are waterproof and not overly padded, is always a good idea. The temperature in November is usually not that bad, and a walk in a fur boots during a warm and sunny afternoon would make you feel uncomfortable within a few minutes.

Sweater weather

Woollen pieces can be a bit too much during those months, but a thick and high quality cotton will be perfect. It is extremely important to look at the label of each item you are planning to buy. Contrary what the fashion industry tries to tell you, clothes are not only supposed to look good and suit you. First and foremost your clothes are supposed to last for a long time and not cause any irritation. Unfortunately, sweaters are mostly made out of synthetic fibres. Such pieces of clothing are usually very thick, but it does not mean that they would keep us warm. What is worse, usually they also make us sweat a lot, because they are not letting our skin breath.

Rain boots

In the past wearing a pair of wellies on the streets was not an option. In today’s world rain boots are certainly one of the statement pieces in everyone’s wardrobe. It can be said that some of them have become a luxurious item, especially when you take a look into their prices. Even the most prestigious fashion houses have created their own versions. It goes without saying that many women are grateful for such an unexpected development. There is nothing worse than getting your feet wet during a downpour, hence wearing a pair of rain boots on a cloudy and rainy day is a real blessing!


They are one of the most important elements of the autumn wardrobe. A thin pair of gloves or a hat can be extremely useful during a morning run for a bus – nobody likes to get a cold during the first cold months. A nice pair of thick tights is a necessity, preferably in black or nude – but hey, fashion is all about trying new things. Colourful tights can be a statement piece of your outfit, and look amazing when paired with a dress or skirt.


When going shopping you have to remember about a few rules, which will help you not to go bankrupt within the first hour of you entering the shopping mall! First of all, look what you already have in your wardrobe, buying the same items will not diversity your closet and every-day outfits. Second of all, look for sales – you can get pretty good deals! Lastly, do not buy something on a whim, if something is not your size do not get it, even when you lose weight in a few months you may no longer want it.